David Wheeler, Sculptured Glass Artist at Desert Studio in Cave Creek, AZ    

Biography ~ A man of all seasons, accomplished sculptured glass artist David Wheeler began his creative focus in drawing and painting, moved on to explore film, design, and photography attending art classes in universities, institutes and schools from coast to coast before he found his niche in glass. 

 Initially, Wheeler worked with stained glass as an art medium – pushing it to its limits and creating sculptures by placing stained glass pieces in juxtaposition to each other at 3D angles and sculpting the solder into intricate details. This led to an interest in fused glass and he excelled in glass making in several specialized advanced courses taken at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee. To add to his credit, Wheeler was the creative element of a five man team at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State in 2013.  

David Wheeler currently lives and works in Arizona. Desert Studio, located on the outskirts of Cave Creek, boasts 13 kilns designed to produce different glass effects. Wheeler is addicted to glass and here he can have various parts of glass in three or four kilns at the same time – each creating different liquid viscosities, allowing him to manipulate shape and color, pattern and transparency. Here in the bright sunlight glass is cut, fired, molded, shaped, draped and ground. Here casting, fusing, slumping, flame work and cold work all combine and interrelate forming great depth of color, refracting light and pattern in a three-dimensional sculpture. 

David Wheeler’s beautifully designed and skillfully executed glass sculptures have been accepted by prestigious galleries in Santa Fe and are held in privately owned collections worldwide.  Desert-Studio-David-Wheeler
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